American English For Asian Speakers – Correct The Most Common Mistakes

This short video teaches an important lesson about how to ask “What are you doing?” meaning asking about an activity in the present time. This is a common error for speakers of Asian languages and is easy to correct so your English is fluent. American English uses “What are you doing” to ask what a person is doing at the time. This common American English phrase is often misused by native Asian language speakers and comes out as “What you do?”. If you can improve on this one small part of American English, your English will greatly improve.

I have published a book on the top English language mistakes that native Asian language speakers make. The book will help you improve your English fluency for work, school or for tests such as the IELTS, TOEFL or SAT.

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You can go basic or intermediate English to fluent English by studying with a native English speaker. These videos will help you learn how to understand native English speakers, learn American English and learn to speak English fluently. These videos teach you English you need to know that is not always taught in English classes in high school or at university.

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