About Us


Welcome to Learn English For Life (LEFL). I call this EDUCATIONAL project Learn English For Life
since learning English will improve your life! You can see the ten books I have written to help you learn English at my Amazon Author page at https://goo.gl/6VNwPL

I am William Pitts and I have been described as The World’s Largest English Teacher due to my experience over 30 years in teaching English (and because of my size)!

I teach English language learners how to achieve the correct and powerful English they need for
success in their personal and professional lives.

My goal is to teach people English language and grammar skills and to coach them to express
themselves in fluent English without hesitation or embarrassment.

I am the author of 1o books on how to learn English quickly.

I have published ten books on English as a Second Language and they are sold under my author name of William Pitts on Amazon.com You can see the book series by visiting the Amazon page here => https://goo.gl/DwDd8I


The Amazon Author Page shows all the books and descriptions so you can the correct book for you.



If you want advance copies, please send me your contact details to teacher@learnenglishforlife.com.

I have 30 years of experience teaching people of all ages and many different professions.

  • Born in Maine, U.S.A. Undergraduate degree in English from the University of New Hampshire.
  • MBA degree from Columbia Business School, New York, New York.
  • Work experience in the U.S. Senate, Amdahl/Fujitsu Corporation, and Bank of America.
  • English-speaking coaching company since 1984.
  • Singer-songwriter with 200 copyrighted songs and ten books published about Thai food and travel on Amazon.