7 Hard To Pronounce Words in English Conversation – Fluent English Speaker Series

These seven words in English are hard to pronounce so this lesson gives the correct pronunciation of the word and why it is useful in English conversation. English conversation can flow easily when you correctly pronounce vocabulary words that are pronounced differently than they are spelled. Some common words used in English conversation that are often mispronounced include: colleague, colonel, entrepreneur, particularly and pronunciation. If you can master the correct pronunciation of this words, your spoken English will sound professional.

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In todays lesson, I’m going to review some of the English pronunciation for words that are hard to say.

This is the book that I keep where I write down notes from when students call. I keep track of what their problems are so I can help people with them so these are some of the words that people find difficult.

And I’m going to put them up in little boxes here so you can see the word and see how it’s spelled.

But these are common words that can be challenging. One of them is


colleagues are people you work with or do something with. It could be your teammates at work, your work friends, the people you play sports with, people in your company. Those are all your colleagues

Another one is colonel

colonel is a rank in the army or police

It’s a certain designation of rank and for some it looks like Coh lo nell

but Colonel is the word that people seem to have problems with

Another one that has become more popular these days is entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is someone who starts a business by themselves and grows it into a success. This is another word in English that was borrowed from another language (in this case, French). These borrow words are hard to pronounce so “entrepreneur”.

So Bill Gates was an entrepreneur. Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur.
Jack Ma from Alibaba is an entrepreneur. Someone who enters something (a business) and does something original (that makes them rich) in the business. It’s a great word and it’s been used a lot more in the last 20 years.

In some colleges and business schools they have entrepreneurship classes, teaching people how to take ideas and act on them and look at the success habits of the people who are successful or unsuccessful entrepreneurs because there’s lots of failures but we try to imitate the people who have been successful

Another one is “particularly” which means especially. Particularly it seems to be a difficult one.

And the last one is pronunciation! Pronunciation!

If you can pronounce the word pronunciation, your English pronunciation is good. The confusion comes from the root word of pronounce. You can pronounce the alphabet , a b c d e f g, but pronunciation is putting the right stress on the right syllables

So if you don’t put the right stress not he syllables, you’ll say sylahbb ills or something like that doesn’t sound right.

So pronunciation if you can pronounce that, you English pronunciation is good

And the last is these numbers like fifth, sixth, seventh.

Where you have to make this certain tongue and mouth placement in English. If you can practice to shoe and say I’m the sixth child in my family, for example, you’ll be on your way to correct English pronunciation.

When it comes to pronunciation and small grammar rules, a native English speaker will hear a non-native English speaker make this small mistake, and sometimes they stop hearing the rest of what the English learner is saying because they want to help that person say “pronunciation” correctly or “sixth”

And native English speakers, if you are associating with the right kind of person so they want to help you get better at English, so these simple kinds of words, the pronunciation of them, if you do that correctly then the person listening to you will listen to the rest of what you are trying to say.

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