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American English has many informal greetings you can use with friends and colleagues. These are all ways to say “Hello” in a colorful and pleasant way.

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“Hello” “Hi” “What’s up?” “How ya been doin’?” “How ya livin’?” “What’s happenin’?” “What do ya say?” These are all ways to greet somebody in American English. The formal way that you learned in school, “Hello” “Hi” “How are you?” You still hear those a lot but I wanted to give you a number of other American English slang ways to greet someone or say “Hello”. You might hear these in movies or in TV shows or read them in a book. So these are some of the most common ones. What’s up? It means “What have you been doing?” “How ya livin’?” It means “Are you living well – how have you been?””What’s going down” or “What’s goin’ down?”means “What has been happening in your life?” “What’s happenin'” “What’s happenin’?” is another one. “What do ya say?” It means “What’s going on with you?” or “What do you have to say?” “How zit goin’?” “How zit goin’?” Very common in American English to abbreviate things like that. “How goes zit?” “How goes zit?” Al means “What has been going on in your life?” or “How are things going with you?” “What’s the good word?” “What’s the good word?” It means “Have you heard any good news lately?” “What cha’ been up to?” “What cha’ been up to?” comes from “What have you been up to?” meaning “What have you been doing?” Again another contraction in American English. “Been keepin’ busy?” is short for “Have you been keeping busy?” Just asking what you have been doing. And the last one. “Been stayin’ out of trouble?” “Have you been staying out of trouble?” It is a way to kid your friend and ask them if they have been doing anything interesting, whether they have been going out to the nightclub or something like that. All of this American slang is proper to use with your friends. You probably wouldn’t say this in an interview or a meeting when you’ve just met someone. But among colleagues and friends these kind of short slang American English expressions are quite common. “How ya’ livin’?” “What’s up?” You can see a transcript of below on this video. Please subscribe to this whole series about modern American English. Some is proper English and some is slang that you can use to make your American English more lively, more interesting and more fluent. Please subscribe to these videos and thank you for watching. “What’s up?” “What’s goin’ down?” “How ya livin’?”



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